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Product Name Accelerator TMTD(TT)
Chemical name Tetramethylthiuram disulfide
Structural formula Accelerator TMTD(TT)
Molecular formula


Molecular weight 240.41
Properties white to off-white powder , Melting point is 155-156?C, Specific gravity 1.29(20?C). oluble in benzene, acetone, chloroform and carbon disulfide, sparingly soluble in ethanol and ethyl ether, insoluble in water, gasoline and dilute alkali solution.
Uses Vulcanization accelerator for natuaral rubber, synthetic rubber and latex, also acts as curing agent as it may decompose to produce free sulfur on heating to above 100?C. It is widely used as a primary accelerator for curing systems requiring very low or no sulfur, and often used to activate thiazole or sulfenamide curing systems. Applications include tyre, rubber shoes, medical products, cable, etc. Rate of use is usually 0.2-0.3% as accelerator, and 2-4% as curing agent.
Appearance white to off-white powder
Melting point ≥142?C
Heating loss ≤0.4%
Ash ≤0.3%
Residue on Sieve(100mesh) ≤0.1%
Packing PE film bag lined PP woven bag or laminated kraft bag, Net wt 25kg.
Storage Stored in cool and dry place, avoid fire, insolation and moisture.
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